A smarter solution for the FERC XBRL mandate.

XBRLworks is a cloud solution for creating XBRL forms with a simple interface and support for full collaboration.

Manage projects, collaborate with teams, and download completed XBRL documents, without ever writing a line of XBRL code or hand-tagging a document. With XBRLworks, there's no fiddling with form templates or worrying about formatting your spreadsheets. Everything you need to complete your XBRL filing is right at your fingertips.

Forms and Form Editing

  • XBRLworks supports all FERC forms covered by the XBRL mandate (1, 1F, 1Q, 3, 3Q, 6, 6Q, 60, and 714)
  • All form data is presented in a simple HTML form interface
  • Footnotes to be included in the final XBRL can be attached to each field with support to automatically convert an uploaded document to an XBRL acceptable format
  • Import tools will take data from Excel, CSV or other databases and add it to tables on your form

Tasks and Workflow

  • Full task features include tools to assign any number of tasks to you or to your teammates
  • Comments and actions are kept with each task so you can maintain a history of each task
  • Users can set priorities, statuses, and deadlines for each task; tasks with upcoming deadlines will be listed on your dashboard when you log into the site
  • Tasks can be created for a project or even for a particular form page for a project

Team Collaboration

  • Projects can be shared with other users who only need to create a free account to work with you on any number of forms
  • Users can create multiple teams and assign each project to the appropriate team; only team members will have access to the projects assigned to them
  • Private comments can be attached to each form field within your projects to store notes for your team

Other Features

  • Full revision tracking maintains a history of each change made to each page of your projects
  • Users can lock individual form pages or entire projects to prevent team members from editing the contents of the page
  • Validation helps ensure XBRL data is correct prior to download
  • Downloaded XBRL documents can be filed as-is with no additional editing or preparation required


Learn more about FERC XBRL and XBRLworks by contacting us for a free presentation.




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